Authentic, Dedicated, Passionate Speakers


The Haggar Agency is committed to providing its clients authentic, dedicated speakers who are passionate about sharing their knowledge, respected in their fields, and guided by an active social consciousness. We support our speakers and are driven to create transformative opportunities that inspire both clients and speakers to achieve their highest levels of personal and professional success. Contact an agent now

The Haggar Agency provides expert, passionate, socially conscious speakers who engage and inspire their audiences!

Josh Perry Speaking

A Word from Our Clients

“I was impressed with the enthusiasm and passion of the presentation.”

Andrea Ables


“A wonderful presenter that shared a lot of great information.”

Elliott Lemon

Bank of America

"A great common sense approach to peak performance."

Priscilla Nesbitt

Best Western International

“The presenter was interesting, intelligent, humorous and in control.”

Jim Booker

University of Phoenix

The Haggar Agency Sioux Falls, SD

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