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Successful and authentic relationships come from collaboration.

From the very first day, the Haggar Agency has shared a common goal with our speakers and clients … grow their careers and make their events successful! We strive to achieve a straight forward approach of listening to what the industry has to say and learning the needs of the decision makers. From having worked both sides of the event industry, we feel the challenges of our clients when planning an event and then searching for the perfect speaker who can relate to the audience!

We like the people we work with. We like to talk events. We want to make the lives of the people who’s paths we cross a little easier. Hopefully, we can make that happen for you!

Kristin Haggar

Kristin Haggar-Cozad

“Time is precious. Waste it wisely.”

Kristin Haggar (also known as “Red” on occasion), has represented clients and marketed events for the past 20 years. I entered the event industry in Los Angeles, marketing and planning a wide variety of celebrity events for corporations, non-profit organizations, and individuals, including product launches for Cadillac and Sony, and film industry events for Paramount and Universal Studios. Whew! That seriously kept me busy for a bit! Longing to see trees on my drive to work, I returned to my home town of Sioux Falls, SD, and exclusively represented professional speaker and author Jeffrey Hayzlett. At a later stage, I had a wonderful experience working with Keith Ferrazzi, Best Selling Author of Never Eat Alone.

For a time, building on my experience in the event industry, I collaborated with sports agencies, directing publicity and producing events for the NFL, NBA, and UFC Athletes. I loved the challenge of working with the athletes to raise money and awareness of their foundations and missions. And then, as life happens, a bump in the road lead me to being connected with an individual who was seeking representation to help him in the speaking world. Thus, the Haggar Agency was launched.

On a personal note, when I’m not being a hockey mom to a now driving teenage son, I’m practicing my radiant smile, even when things go awry (as they sometimes do), going for long walks with the Haggar Agency mascot, and serving on the Avera Foundation Race Against Cancer Committee.



“Done exploring the world…dealing with it now”

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Ivy, and I am the Haggar Agency mascot. Nice to meet you! Now that formalities are out of the way, let’s get down to some facts about me because why wouldn’t you want to know about me?

I am a Teddy Bear (best mix of shitzu and bichon), the cutest thing ever (just ask anyone who meets me), and make my presence known whenever I see a rabbit, squirrel … basically anything that moves on the other side of the office patio door. My favorite things are a Caribou Dog Bagel, taking long walks and humans. I am always available for a quick photo opportunity and would be happy to be your friend.

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