Marc Gordon

For over 20 years, our speaker has been showing companies how to deliver experiences that create emotional connections, inspire loyalty, and drive referrals. His reputation as a customer experience expert has made him a sought after resource, regularly appearing on national television, radio, and in print.

Marc Gordon

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Marc Gordon started his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 16, importing high performance car accessories. Two years later, through a turn of events, he ended up with his own line of athletic clothing. The company grew by double digits each month, with sales reaching over a million dollars in less than three years. Until the bankruptcy of his largest customer forced him to close the company.

At age 24, jobless and with no prospects, Marc invested $2,500 in a machine that gold plated automobile emblems, and started GoldPro. Ten years later, GoldPro was Canada’s largest automotive aftermarket products manufacturer. It supplied over 2,400 new car dealers, hundreds of glass and detail shops, and dozens of specialty retailers.

In 2003, Marc sold GoldPro and decided to focus his energy on providing the kinds of marketing services he wished were available to him when he was in business. His goal was to empower business owners with the marketing skills to capture the hearts and minds of their customers. As the owner of a marketing agency, Marc saw first-hand the relationship between marketing and the quality of experiences customers left with. He realized that many companies based the quality of the experiences they delivered on the success of their marketing. After all, a busy store must mean great experiences are being delivered, right?

Marc believed this was a false assumption and dedicated himself to understanding how marketing, service, and expectations all impact the customer experience. Today Marc is the internationally recognized expert in the delivery of customer experiences. He has become a resource for some of the world’s most respected brands and CEO’s, helping design tailored customer experience strategies. He has contributed to research papers, spoken to university business students, and developed concepts that have been adopted into boardrooms across multiple industries.

As a highly rated conference presenter, Marc shares ideas and knowledge on how to deliver experiences and manage customer expectations. Marc regularly appears on television, radio, and in print providing his opinions on current business events. The Oprah Winfrey Network has referred to him as “Canada’s marketing superstar.”



Selling Happiness

How to create customer experiences that inspire loyalty and drive referrals

Deliver more than expected. Go above and beyond. Exceed expectations. These are theories that companies have been led to believe in order to win customers. The problem is no one knows what they mean. How much is “more” and how far is “beyond”? How can you exceed something when you don’t know where the finish line is? We know from studies of human behaviour that if you give more than is expected then more becomes expected. For companies, this leads to increased transaction costs, service burnout, and eventually customer disappointment. And disappointed customers don’t stick around. The solution? Establish an understanding between you and your customers as to what they can expect. Then deliver as promised, providing an experience built on ease and convenience. That’s what creates a relationship of trust that keeps customers coming back. In this award winning presentation, Marc dispels some of the biggest customer loyalty myths while showing you what really makes customers happy. He demonstrates the fundamental steps for delivering relevant and memorable experiences that inspire customer loyalty. Delivered with Marc’s high energy style and humour, this presentation is customized for your industry while drawing upon everyday experiences such as buying a morning coffee, taking Uber, and going on a family vacation. This presentation is essential for any industry that has paying customers, competition, and is dependent on repeat business.

Key Takeaways

Find out why customers are naturally loyal and don’t care if you WOW them. Discover the three influencers that impact people’s ideas and opinions about products and companies. The number one reason customers don’t come back – and how to avoid it. Learn how to manage expectations so your customers are always happy with what you provide.

The Right Kind of Nice

How to use customer service to solve problems and build relationships

It has been said that the true test of a relationship is when things go wrong. The same holds true for companies. The time and effort they invest in building relationships with their customers means nothing if they are not attentive when problems arise. And while this concept might seem obvious, the fact is that customer satisfaction across most industries has dropped to all-time lows. From inadequate resources to lack of interest, companies are failing at helping customers who are having negative experiences. Studies have shown that customers who receive prompt and attentive care are 60 percent more likely to purchase from that company again, even if the outcome was not what they had originally hoped for. The truth is that customers want to feel valued and appreciated throughout the entire transactional journey. But in problem situations, want to see actions that reflect that. In this presentation, Marc will demonstrate the impact customer service has on loyalty and its influence in creating experiences. He will introduce new ideas and innovative processes that provide greater customer satisfaction in less time. Marc uses real world, industry relevant examples and stories to illustrate how customer service can be used as a tool to strengthen customer relationships. He will reveal the two types of tasks that every service representative performs, and how each one impacts the outcome. He will also share key strategies to help a representative remain professional and effectively deflate any emotional situation, while guiding the customer towards a mutually beneficial outcome. Delivered with Marc’s high energy style, this presentation is designed for both management, customer service staff, and anyone that has to deal with unhappy customers.

Key Takeaways

Why customer service must not be confused with customer experience How to avoid the three reasons most companies fail at customer service Find out the untold, real purpose of customer service The three goals of any successful customer service program must accomplish. Learn what your customers really want from you when they have a problem Strategies to keep your staff sane and customers happy


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