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The brain of a creative marketer and the heart of a passionate fangirl. Brianne Fleming is a university instructor, podcast host, and brand consultant who shares marketing lessons with a pop culture twist. From our favorite ’90s sitcoms, to the latest TikTok dance challenges, Brianne finds branding takeaways beyond ordinary textbook examples.

Brianne Fleming

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Brianne’s passion for marketing started as a preteen. She’d spend her monthly $20 allowance on a new CD and a teeny bopper magazine like Tiger Beat or Teen People.

But it wasn’t just the hunky heartthrobs, perfume samples, or fun quizzes that made Brianne love magazines. She studied the ads, colors, layouts, graphics, and copywriting.

That fangirl grew up to earn a bachelor’s in advertising and public relations and a master’s in mass communication. I’ve spent more than a decade studying, teaching, and working in marketing and media.

After working in brand marketing for several corporate brands, most notably, Orangetheory Fitness, Brianne went on to start her own agency called Twelve Stories Up. Her clients mainly focus on fitness and lifestyle brands.

Brianne is also the host of Making the Brand, a podcast that breaks down marketing lessons derived from pop culture. She is also an instructor at the University of Florida and teaches classes on lead generation, advertising, branding, and social media.

With Brianne, you can expect electric slides. She energizes her keynotes with throwback jams, audience interaction, and tons of culturally relevant references that make people laugh and learn.


Brianne Fleming

Twelve Stories Up


Leads, Love, & Loyalty

Are you stuck on a lead generation hamster wheel? Like The Beatles say, All You Need is Love! In this keynote, Brianne teaches audiences how to grow their brands from the inside out by simply showing your audience more love.

In modern marketing, talking at your audience won’t get you noticed. If you want them to care about you, you have to demonstrate that you care about them.

By the end of this session, you’ll learn how to generate engaged leads by building genuine relationships. Your brain will be overflowing with ideas on how you and your teams can go the extra mile in your marketing and beyond.

Best Audiences/Events: Franchise Organizations, Sales Teams/Trainings, Entrepreneurs

Content Calendars That Convert

Are you wasting time, money, and energy guessing what types of content will resonate with your customers? There’s a better way!

In this tactical session, Brianne breaks down a tried-and-true content marketing formula that hits the mark for brands and delights their audiences. Gone are the days of posting at random and hoping your content takes off!

Brianne’s content marketing formula will teach you how to create strategic, branded content that builds your brand awareness while inspiring your audience to take action.

Best Audiences/Events: Niche Industry Conventions, Marketing, Social Media Conferences, Small Business Expo

Build Your Name, Build Your Fame

Fun fact: Leonardo Da Vinci wrote the first professional résumé in 1482. That’s over 500 years ago, and yet, they are still being used today.

But the truth is, your résumé isn’t enough to land you your dream job. How are you supposed to show the world just how amazing you are within the boundaries of an 8.5×11 PDF? Impossible.

Take it from Elle Woods in Legally Blonde — her unique video essay got her into Harvard!

In this presentation, I teach audiences how to build a personal brand and online presence that propels them into the job (and life!) they really want.

Best Audience/Events: Students, Higher Education/Universities, Leadership Organizations, Network Marketing, Entrepreneurs

Swift Content Creation

In today’s instant digital world, brands have huge opportunities to respond to trending topics in popular culture. From viral meme challenges, to jaw-dropping sports moments, or live TV reactions, swiftly jumping in on current conversation can create tons of organic blog traffic and brand awareness. Yes, please!

This idea is called newsjacking, and it can work wonders for your brand. But there’s a right way and a wrong way to newsjack.

In this session, I’ll teach you how to effectively monitor trends and cultural moments, boost engagement with your ideal audience, and help you understand when NOT to post.

Best Audiences/Events: Bloggers and Digital Marketers, Marketing & Social Media Conferences, Public Relations Professionals



Making the Brand

"My students and I learned more about marketing and branding yourself within a one-hour segment with Brianne than I did during a full semester marketing class in my undergrad. Brianne is knowledgeable, relatable, and he presentation was truly captivating from beginning to end. She delivered complicated subject matter to high school students so eloquently that it was not only easy to understand, but also effortlessly applicable. To this day, my students still talk about concepts they learned from her presentation and how it has benefited them."

Christopher Machado

High School Teacher

"Poised, passionate, and willing to share the ups and downs of her professional experience, Brianne Fleming is an amazing motivator and teacher! She blew us away with her presentation. She presented a visual, engaging, personalized presentation that inspired our interns. The participation and engagement from our students and staff was through the roof. In fact, one of our marketing interns was inspired to do a complete personal rebrand after hearing her words of wisdom!"

Matt Dombrowski

Limbitless Solutions Inc.

"Brianne came back to her old stomping grounds to impart valuable knowledge for our students at UCF and... wow, did she create a spark for those who attended. The buzz continued for several days and I’ve seen a lasting impact on our students since she came to give such a thorough presentation on personal branding."

Gary Cahen

Associate Director of Programs, UCF RWC

“Brianne shared some amazing wisdom on how we can market our personal brand and maximize the use of technology as it evolves around us. She presents content in a way that is relatable, but also easy to understand and fun!”

Angel Perez

UCF Student

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